Support for Learning

Support for Learning


Every quarter we receive a news letter from an organisation called Chip+. The Chip+ newsletter is full of valuable information about support groups, benefits, financial support and services for young people with additional support needs and their families.  The newsletter will be uploaded to this page and we'll alert you via the twitterfeed when it comes in. We'll keep each newsletter on the page for a year so that you can refer back to it if necessary.

  Chip+ May


Standards and Quality Report

The following is the current Standards and Quality Report for Support for Learning.  It outlines our rationale for the curriculum, as well as our ethos as to how it is taught. 

  SQR SfL 2016


Additional Support Needs-Highland Council

The following link takes you to National and Highland policies related to Additional Support Needs:


This link provides the Highland Council Guide:


We are often asked by parents how they can help support their child's learning from home. Here are some links to information from the authority specifically to help parents do just that.

Help and information on a range of topics from using your voice to control your computer to digital exam papers from the CALL centre in Edinburgh

In addition, Youtube is a fantastic educational resource which has something to offer on virtually any topic you can name! Other great resources are the BBC bytesize website and also the BBC archive website which has a wealth of programmes on relevant topics.

We will keep updating this page as we become aware of relevant resources, so please do check back regularly.